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Facial Expressions are created by numerous facial muscles contracting at different times and to different degrees; causing the overlying skin to wrinkle and fold. Excess facial muscle contractions contribute to many undesired facial wrinkles and folds. Some of these wrinkles and folds may be cosmetically unattractive and misinterpreted as conveying anger, concern, sadness, or fatigue. Selective weakening of the particular facial muscle (or group of muscles) responsible for the unwanted wrinkled area with Botulinum Toxin has been shown to improve overall facial appearance as well as improve malpositioned changes of the overlying soft tissue.

Botulinum toxin or Botox® injection causes selective weakening of muscles by interrupting the nerve impulse traveling from the nerve to the muscle at the neuromuscular junction . The nerve impulse travels down the nerve but cannot get to the muscle. The muscle does not contract and as a result the overlying skin will not wrinkle and fold.

Pre Botox® Injection

Post Botox® Injection

Botox® injections are very safe and there have been no long-term side effects or health hazards related to its use. Dr. Jordan was the second physician in Canada given a license to use Botulinum Toxin in 1987. He has injected over 10, 000 people for a variety of disorders. In the early years it was used primarily for blinking disorders and crossed eyes. Throughout the 90’s and over the last few years it’s use in the cosmetic reasons ( wrinkles ) has increased dramatically.

Almost every month new uses for Botox® injections are being discovered. Examples of where it can be used include:

  • horizontal forhead lines
  • vertical lines between the brows
  • crows feet
  • brow lowering or brow elevation
  • down turning of the mouth
  • bunny lines on the side of nose
  • vertical upper lip lines
  • turkey neck lines
  • horizontal neck lines
  • excessive underarm\hand\foot sweating
  • Essential Blepharospasm, Hemifacial spasm, facial tics
  • torticollis, various focal dystonias
  • laryngeal spasms
  • tension headache, migraine headaches, and many others.
  • spastics muscles in Cerebral palsy
  • back spasms

The effects of Botox® injections will last four to six months at which time an additional injection is required for the desired effect. The cost of Botox Cosmetic® treatments will depend upon how many units are injected.

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